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The Name

In prison, everyone gets a nickname. When I began teaching classes, “Indian Joe” came up to me to ask a question. By way of background, “Indian Joe” was constantly in trouble, spending significant time in the disciplinary unit. He asked, "Are you the guy teaching the new business class?" I said, “Yes.”  He then asked, "Is it true that you went to Harvard?" “Yes.” He tilted his head to the side, gave me a skeptical look and asked with a quizzical expression, "Does that mean you are some kind of Roadside Scholar?" I answered, “Yes, I think it does." From then on, I was The Roadside Scholar. 

Legal Case 

Case: Company accused of disclosure violations in
SEC filings.

Criminal Jeopardy: Liable as CEO who signed the documents
despite being the largest individual shareholder and not having sold a share in tenure.


Legal Battle: Investigation 2004-2008. Trial 2008. Prison 2009.
Released 2019.


More Details: See The Roadside Scholar, Appendix A.


Classroom Experience: Courtesy of the Federal Government, I had 10 years to research and to teach. I learned by working with students, experimenting and discovering what worked best.

Background: I have the necessary educational background and a finance career.

Validation: Statements are supported by credible
reference materials.


Insight: Based on classroom experience, I have insight into
what people want to know but are never taught.

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